remi_jakovlevic (remi_jakovlevic) wrote in linguaphiles,

Germ. Problematik

Hi all!
I'm looking for any early mentions of the word Problematik in German (either in dictionaries or in any other books). According to Der grosse Brockhaus (1933, 15. Aufl.), die Problematik appeared c. 1800.
I can't resist to quote the definition
(keep in mind: 1933):
Problematik, die (...) - Bezeichnung 1) für das Vorhandensein eines Problems, 2) für fragwürdige oder in der Krise befindliche Sacheverhalte (sic), z. B. die P. der Pressfreiheit. (my underlining)
BtW - On-line German dictionaries are quite disappointing. But maybe you know some good ressources?
PS. I had forgotten one can choose the years of publication in Google books, but anyway: any early mentions in dictionaries would be of great interest to me.

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