Philip Newton (pne) wrote in linguaphiles,
Philip Newton

Request for translation: (Argentinian) Spanish -> German

I'd like a translation of a portion of La vuelta de Martín Fierro (XXXII:1159) from Spanish into German:

Muchas cosas pierde el hombre
que a veces las vuelve a hallar;
pero les debo enseñar,
y es gúeno que lo recuerden:
si la verguenza se pierde,
jamás se vuelve a encontrar.

The text may have regional (Argentine) and/or chronological (1879) differences from modern spelling or vocabulary (e.g. gúeno = bueno? verguenza = vergüenza?).

Ideally, I'd like the text to be translated line-by-line, inasmuch as that's possible grammatically.

Background: I'm using a talk by an Argentinian which I want to use as a basis for a lesson which I'll hold in German. He gave the talk in English, and I have a German translation of his talk, but that appears to have translated the quotation from the English which appeared in the original version of his talk, and appears to be a rather free translation at that. So I'd prefer a translation directly from the source, if possible.


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