That girl in the great white north..... (anglo_don_juan) wrote in linguaphiles,
That girl in the great white north.....

Russian Song

Good morning! I was curious if anyone would be able help me track down a song. I am looking for an audio version of " Пусть бегут неуклюже" the 'Russian happy birthday song' from "Krokodil Gena i Cheburashka".

I am making a birthday CD for the boyfriend and he only remembers snippets from the song from his childhood and I think putting the song on the CD would be a nice surprise. I have found several versions on YouTube (including a Soviet-era one which was very amusing to watch!) but no mp3 versions. =/

If anyone has any ideas they would be much appreciated.


ETA: Hmm, the more I search for the song the more I am convinced that maybe I have the title wrong? I hope someone knows what I meant. Sorry about that, my Russian is only basic at the moment.

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