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another Russian question: Paul Winter

In 1984, Paul Winter did a concert at the UN in honour of World Environment Day. One of the songs, "Hymn to the Russian Earth", is supposedly a Russian folk song. The lyrics are as follows:

If the people lived their lives
As if it were a song
For singing out of light
Provides the music for the stars
To be dancing circles in the night. 

Can anyone confirm that this is, in fact, a Russian folk song?

And can anyone provide me the original lyrics in Russian, or failing that, translate it back?  As before, I'm afraid I will need it in the Roman alphabet rather than Cyrillic (apologies to purists; it's what I'm stuck with).

And if you actually have the original lyrics, assuming they exist and it isn't a misrepresentation, how accurate is this translation anyway?

Tags: music, russian, translation

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