axoaxonic (axoaxonic) wrote in linguaphiles,


So, I am a linguaphile, but know nothing about Russian. I am a fan of a bad-ass Russian men's choir that my father-in-law knows, and they end all their shows with 'Kalinka.' They encourage the audience to sing along, so I've researched the lyrics online, hoping to sing, but YouTube and text transliterations don't provide the pronunciation these guys have.

The initial 'Ka' rhymes with 'sky,' the 'lin' with 'bean,' and the 'a' is like what the dentist says when he/she tells you to say 'ah.' Mostly it's the first syllable that's different with these guys than the other versions I hear.

I imagine this is telling as to where they come from. Their name is the 'Ural Cossacks,' if that helps. Is the pronunciation like that in the Urals? Or of the Cossacks? Or something else?

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