ganas_de_ti (ganas_de_ti) wrote in linguaphiles,

I'm a nitpicky Spanish speaker

Hey all,

Spanish question here:

So I'm taking Fonetica y Fonologia Espanola at the Uni. After having spent some time in Espana, I have a Castillian accent and would like to keep it that way, haha. The book that we're using Fonetica Y Fonologia Espanolas by Armin Schwegler and Juergen Kempff focuses way more on the American variety(ies) and obviously the more standard phenomena of phonetics and phonology. But I am more interested in not only losing the American English accent but the American Spanish accent, so my question is, are there any detailed and academic sources online or books that are based on the Castillian phonology? [written in spanish preferably but english is okay too] Specifically I am interested in the Madrid accent but I want to learn more about the regional differences as well.

Obviously I know the big things like ceseo and llesimo, but I'm looking for more minute details such as the difference in pronunciation of /s/ and /ch/.

You guys are awesome- and fast!!- thanks :)

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