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Bonjour! Hola! Allegra! Hello! Aloha!

I am a linguaphile for sure! I'm glad I found this community! I love researching languages just for fun, and I've studied Japanese, ASL, Bosnian, Romansh, Italian, Spanish, and Danish - all to varying degrees. I don't consider myself fluent in anything but English, but I'd like to acquire fluency in any of the above languages and more, including Latin, French, and Arabic.

I'm a very fast learner, but I feel that the vital part of keeping fluency is usage. I became fluent in ASL, and I knew enough Japanese to carry on a decent conversation with native Japanese speakers. However, due to lack of use (ie: no one to converse with regularly), I lost my fluency.

I'm aiming to learn Italian and Romansh (standardized: Rumantsch Grischun) primarily, and then I would work my way from there. I've decided to make my own community to learn a single language, and hopefully with utilization and conversations with native speakers, I'll retain my fluency!

Anyways, that's why I'm here: I love languages. I'll be poking around so often.


Tags: arabic, asl, danish, italian, japanese, language, linguistics, romansh, spanish

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