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Quite simple Japanese question.

Hello! This is a question directed at any of our many fine Japanologists we have here in Linguaphiles. ^^

I was helping my friend with his Japanese the other day. He's doing directions and places and things, like saying how to get to a place, or where a place is in relation to others, and he told me he wanted to say "my house is to the left of the supermarket". So naturally I came up with:


But then I thought, well, you could also say:


And then I started to confuse myself. He asked the difference between the two and I couldn't define it. There is a difference, I'm sure. It's to do with what you're emphasising. Like, the first sentence I came up with is surely the answer to the question:


and the second is the answer to:


It seems so simple, but...what is the focus of both sentences and questions? I'm finding it difficult to define in my head! どうもありがとう!

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