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LingWiki Update

As of three nights ago LingWiki's database appears to have started having problems. The data is intact, however the software started refusing to acknowledge it was allowed to access it.

While it means losing the input of the 67,000 edits the LingWiki team has put in over the past two years, I have decided to create a new database and use it as an opportunity to update the Wiki software and refocus the site a bit. We are also in the process of working out partnerships with several other linguistics websites, so it'll be an opportunity to work on including that as well. I'll still keep the old database archived in the event someone can find a way to recover the article data out of it.

To those who've helped out over the past two years, thank you very much for your contributions, and I'm very sorry about what happened. That said, if you've been wondering how to contribute to the LingWiki community, now's your opportunity to join in and have your say! We've created a new category specifically for you at , and it's continually growing.

If anyone has questions about the site, please feel free to comment away! I can't check LJ at work, unfortunately, but I'll get to replying as soon as I can.

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