pato ellington (superslowmo) wrote in linguaphiles,
pato ellington

romanian/italian/french/catalan resources

i'm looking to buy learning materials for the following languages:


i just want to have some grammar books and dictionaries to have around to pass the time. i speak spanish already, along with 12-18 months of study in latin, german, and portuguese, so books that don't hold your hand throughout the lessons wouldn't be too much of a problem.

i'm having a heck of a time finding anything other than the "teach yourself ___" and the "essential ____ grammar" books. i live in a sparsely-populated area (as far as language nerds go), and the bookstores and libraries don't really have anything other than the "teach yourself beginner's french" (the one with people kissing on the cover).

also, i'm on something of a budget with these books, so if it's on amazon and it's used, excellent!

thank you!

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