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caerse como bomba

I'm a little confused about something in Ana Lydia Vega's "Pasión de historia," and I wonder if anyone could help me. It's about a Puerto Rican woman who's staying in France with another Puerto Rican friend and her French fiancee, and one evening the friend, Vilma, decides to cook beans and rice for the French people. Here's the part I don't understand:

Esto les cae como bomba, me dijo mientras depositaba, profesional, la gran mixta nacional en los platos resignados de suegros y marido.

El comentario me hizo una gracia cabrona. El subsiguiente ataque de risa hizo historia en los Pirineos. Con cada fatal ascenso de los tenedores, subía el volumen de nuestras carcajadas. Ahora, con perspectiva, lo admito: fue un delito de mesa imperdonable.

The dictionary said that when "caerse como bomba" relates to food, it means the food didn't agree with you very well. Is she deliberately trying to upset the stomachs of the French people and make 'em gassy, and is that what they're laughing about, or am I missing something else? I'd be grateful if anyone could clarify this for me. Thanks!

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