Zsófi (zsozsoka) wrote in linguaphiles,

English phonetics

I’m preparing for my complex exam on English linguistics, and I have a question concerning phonetics. I have a problem with a typical exercise where you get two pairs of words, and you have to show in each case what the stressed vowel is, state whether it is tense or lax, and explain why, plus explain any differences you can find between members of the pairs.There is a pair - “modal” and “model” -  where I simply can’t answer the questions.

I think I don’t have problem with “modal” (the stressed vowel is in free position, no laxing environment, therefore it’s /oU/), but I don’t understand why it changes to /Á/ in “model”. Is it an exception? or has it something to do with modal being a complex (?) word? Could someone please help me?

Thanks in advance. :)

Tags: phonetics

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