summer (rumball107) wrote in linguaphiles,

polish? yay-cocoa-HAWN-tee.

warning: i'm going to butcher all of these Polish spellings.  AND, i'm no linguist, so IPA is completely out of the question for me.

i grew up in the US, but a fair portion of my ancestry can be traced to poland.  i had a great aunt who occasionally spoke polish when she was mad ("dupye na hupye!").  i grew up using the word "dupa" for my butt (oddly enough, i was taught that "butt" was improper to say and "dupa" was the polite word for it).  all things dirty, disgusting, or otherwise not-to-be-touched were "kaka".  exasperated shouts of "oi, yesus" or "yesus maria" weren't uncommon in my family.

however, there's another phrase i *remember* hearing, but i can't remember the context:  yay-cocoa-HAWN-tee.  sort of like "yay!" (the exclamation of happiness), "cocoa" like the chocolate beverage, "hawn" like the first part of Honda, and "tee" as in "tee-shirt".  i DO know that "jej" is some sort of polish word ("your", maybe?), but i'm completely clueless about the rest.  Google isn't really helping here.

any thoughts?  i'll laugh if it's something completely and utterly vulgar.  i've been saying it for the past week, unable to get it out of my head.

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