Joel Stringfellow (njyoder) wrote in linguaphiles,
Joel Stringfellow

The Dialects of Fluent, Non-Native Speakers

EDIT: This video is from Family Guy and is given as an example by one of the main characters, Stewie (an American), about how he is annoyed by non-native speakers who are fluent, but don't quite grasp idiosyncrasies of the local dialect.

While this video does illustrate the general concept, I'm more interested in the speech of better educated FNNS in their technically correct, but "strangely worded" formal writing, especially in technical and scientific fields. i'm willing to settle for less if there's not much information available on that.

I've taken particular notice of engineering professors whose papers I've read. While they do have an extensive vocabulary, their choice of words makes native speakers (such as myself) stop reading for a moment and and consciously think about how to parse it, because it's not what they're used to.

What research has been done on non-native speech/writing as described above? Is there terminology specific to dialects and the idiosyncrasies of fluent, non-native speakers (FNNS) of language?

Any other thoughts about this?

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