modorenai (modorenai) wrote in linguaphiles,

A weird question about Taiwanese Mandarin slang

A friend recently asked me whether I had heard of the phrase “炒饭” (aka fried rice) being used as a Taiwanese slang phrase for "having sex". After she mentioned it, I did somewhat faintly recall coming across a similar phrase before while reading some manga translated into Taiwanese Mandarin and not really understanding what it meant, though the phrase that I recall it being is "炒冷饭" instead. (And since I can't even remember which manga the phrase was used in, I don't remember the context in which it was used.) So basically I have three questions:

(1) Is 炒饭 really used as slang for "having sex"?
(2) If so, any ideas on how it came to be? (I totally do NOT associate fried rice with having sex. O_O)
(3) Is 炒冷饭 a variation of that phrase or does it mean something COMPLETELY different?

Sorry for the rather weird nature of my question, but my friend and I would really like to know the answer. :p
Tags: mandarin

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