Jendi-Q (niz_zin) wrote in linguaphiles,

Finnish help!

Okay, hi! This is the first time I've posted here, and I really need some help. 
I'm teaching myself Finnish, and I'm doing fairly well so far--I can say some basic stuff like my name and where I'm from, and I can conjugate verbs pretty well and I can do negative sentences...but I just came upon something that made me go "o.O ..what?"  

Partitive form. <<;  

If anyone can explain this to me in layman's terms, please do so, as I am very confused. : /  I'm thinking it could be the equivalent (or sort of equivalent) to Uds. in Spanish but then I'm probably waaaay off the map there. I'd really appreciate some kind of help! Thank you in advance. ^^
Tags: finnish

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