dynamic meme (autodidacticphd) wrote in linguaphiles,
dynamic meme

Further Musings on Body Language

The recent post regarding dance as a form of language reminded me of a long standing question I've had. Almost ten years ago, in a forum for an anime convention, I saw a post about the differences in body language between "nerd" culture and norms of body language in the majority of western culture. For years I've been tossing around the bits of the paper referenced that I could remember, but I have always wanted to find the actual paper or article to read over again, but have had no luck. What I seem to remember is that the paper was written by a grad student who was attending a convention at the suggestion of her brother and found the differences so interesting that she went on to make a study of it.

So my question is, does anyone in the community know anything about differences in body language among sub-cultures, specifically the nerdier ones (gamers, computer nerds, sci-fi fans, etc)... though anything on the topic in general might be interesting.

Some of the examples I remember had to do with things like interrupting a speaker being less rude and unusual dynamics in how personal space was defined.

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