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French classification

Hullo folks,

a couple of days ago I read a post by someone who talked about an experience at a Mass in Polish. He remarked how Polish - Slavic - seemed to sound much like French - Romance-Germanic.
Now I have a couple of issues with this. The first being that I don't think Polish sounds anything like French (but maybe that's because I know lots of both Polish and French people and so I have more exposure to the different sounds). The second was - French is Romance-Germanic? I commented on this and he replied with:

French is the amalgamation of Gaulish latin and Germanic Frankish. The similarity french has to english is because of the Norman Conquests of England and the amalgamation of French with anglo-saxon English, which was diffferent from ye olde english which came about as the result of the invasion. (The Normans tried to breed the English to speak French to assure their dominance yet only succeeded in altering the language) Hence, most likely why you're thinking French is an entirely Romance Language, when in fact it is descended from primarily Frankish speaking Gaul after the Barbarian Invasions of the Dark Ages.
I think he's mixing up the issues of a language classification and vocabulary influence. Nevertheless, the last sentence boggles me a bit.

But, you know, ik kan me vergissen. So what say you, o linguaphiles?
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