at least 10% Discocunt (biascut) wrote in linguaphiles,
at least 10% Discocunt

Irish language for jobs

Hi all,

I'm English, my partner's Irish, and we're currently living in the UK but hoping to move back to Ireland one day depending on jobs and things. Obviously, this is fine from a legal point of view as we're both EU citizens &c.

However, my career ambitions (and experience) are in public sector administration, and the language laws in Ireland mean that having Leaving Cert Irish is a basic requirement for many public sector jobs, usually at Honours level. Not being Irish, I obviously don't have that. Does anyone know if there's an equivalent qualification you can get if didn't do the Leaving Cert? I have Googled various things and found nothing, and obviously my Irish friends don't know because, why would they need to?

Any answers or suggestions appreciated!

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