Margrethe (mercurygrrl) wrote in linguaphiles,


I hope this is ok. I'm working on an assignment in Old Norse. One of the things I have to do is to find 2 examples of the nominative subject in sentences from chapter 44 and 45 of Gylvaginning, here. I sent in my draft and have been told that I'm very wrong in my examples... I'm not sure which is wrong, or if it's both.

Þórr dvaldisk þar of náttina

Sonr búa hét Þjalfi, en Roskva dóttir.

The words in italics are the nominative subjects, IMO.

Yes, this is basic, I know. I've been doing this assignment for too long and my head is woozy. Any help will be very appreciated. I've also never done anything that has to do with grammatical cases before (shock! horror!), which adds to the wooziness.

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