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An intro, some questions and a couple of links.

I've been lurking for a while but never had a reason to comment or post until today.
I'm from Texas, a native speaker of English, and I know Spanish, German and ASL to varying degrees of proficiency. I'm planning on learning French this summer, as well as some small amount of Finnish. I'm also planning on getting ahead or possibly skipping my third semestre of German and bringing my Spanish skills back up to par now that they've lapsed into oblivion.

I have a couple of links, one to an lj community where you can learn Finnish: finish_finnish and the other to a French course done by students at UT Austin for the first two semestres of French. Français Interactif
Both are free and completely web based.

This leads me to my first question. As these two sites are the main sources of my education in these languages over the upcoming summer I was wondering if anyone else has used them and knows if they are any good? Or perhaps someone with more experience in either language would be willing to look them over and tell me what they think? I'm trying to get a feel for how successful I will be using these courses to study this summer.

My other question is about other free web based, learn at your own pace language programmes. Does anyone know of some out there? I'd specifically like German ones for second year German but pretty much any language (especialy European languages) would be highly welcome.

And lastly, I have friends who speak all the different languages I'm learning, some native speakers and some who have learned it later on. I either talk to them or chat with them online. I also make a point to listen to music , listen to podcasts and read books or online newspapers in all the different languages. Can anyone recommend some other ways of becoming fluent in a language? I can't go abroad right now financially but I'm trying to do at home immersion until I can.

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