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Australian English

I'm looking for 'markers' of Rural Australian English (Broad AusEng) and preferably ones that are reminiscent of the language in the 1950s - vocabulary and grammar only, because it's for a written project. It's the version of Australian English that I grew up with, but I've been away from home too long, and I've forgotten most of the distinctive elements.

All I can remember of the grammar at the moment is;
* The use of 'me' instead of 'my' (Me mates dropped 'round to visit)
* The used of 'come' instead of 'came' (Me daughter-in-law come up from Melbourne last week)
* And occasionally the use of 'the' in front of new technology (I'll have to check the email to see if there's a message from her)

Lexically I can remember a lot more, but I'd LOVE to hear any other words or phrases that anyone else has got.

* Using the word 'tea' instead of 'dinner' (side note: I still do this, and I still get looked at strangely and mocked for doing so.)

* As useful as tits on a bull (completely useless)
* Going arse over tit (falling down, messing up)
* Heading into 'town' (where 'town' is the next biggest locality to the one you're currently in.)
* Duffer, silly duffer (a fool)
* Knocked off (stolen)
* Carrying on like a two-bob watch (making a big noise and fuss)
* Wireless (the radio)
* Six of one, half a dozen of the other
* You can spit in one hand and want in the other and see which you get first.

I'd love to hear anyone else's Rural Australian colloquialisms.

ETA I don't know when it came into common use but "arc up" (to get angry) is also now on my list.

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