summerless_year (summerless_year) wrote in linguaphiles,

What's this thing in your Spanish? Or English for that matter?

The Spanish spoken in Chile is peppered with Mapudungún (language spoken by the indigenous Mapuche people) words. Like for example, guachi, which according to the RAE comes from the "Mapuche" (should be Mapudungún, as the language is called) huachi.

It's a trap that you set for an animal in which a wire loop is attached to a stake in the ground. The idea is that a rabbit will catch its neck or its foot in it, and either die there, or be found alive by the "hunter."

Here's what the RAE says

(Del mapuche huachi).

1. m. Chile. Alambre en forma de lazo atado a una estaca enterrada en el suelo que sirve de trampa para cazar aves, conejos o liebres.

So, two questions: 1. What do you call it in the Spanish of your choice (and where is that from?)
                                  2. What do you call it in the English of your choice (and where is that from?)

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