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Simultaneous Japanese/Chinese learning!

Hey all, sorry to cross-post this!

Come this Autumn I'm intending to start studying towards a degree at the University of Leeds, joint honours in Japanese and Chinese. Most people, when I announce this, give me a horrified look and say something like "are you MENTAL? Do you want to DIE?"'s where my interests lie, and I'm very excited about doing it. Not to mention that I highly doubt the university would allow the degree to exist if they didn't think it would be possible.

I've already studied Japanese for a year and a half at a different University, so I have a very good grounding in the grammar of Japanese, along with several hundred kanji. However, I'd LOVE to know if anyone else out there has undertaken the study of Japanese and Chinese simultaneously, and if they can tell me of their experiences? Has this actually been done?! Are there any tips and trickks to it (compartmentalisation, for example?), or hazards I should know of?

I'm gonna be spending six months at Kansai Gaidai near Osaka, and six months at Capital Normal University in Beijing. This kind of worries me, I worry I'll lose my skills in Chinese while I'm in Japan, and vice versa. We're not going to be taking Japanese classes while in China, or vice versa, so that kind of makes me concerned too. I guess the best I could do is try to make some Japanese friends while I'm in China, and Chinese friends while in Japan? Which I'm given to believe shouldn't be too difficult! :S

Any and all comments very much appreciated!

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