Kissa (kissas_fate) wrote in linguaphiles,

Finnish translation ----- ETA: and Polish

(I hope I can ask this here, if not I am sorry and mods please delete!)
I really didn't think this would be my first post to this community as I'm an avid linguaphile myself, but oh well. I'm working on a project to a band with some other girls, and for this we had fans sending in pictures with messages on in their own language. A Finnish girl that sent in her picture forgot to send the translation along with it, and I was hoping someone here would be able to help me out?

I think it means "Get well soon" or something along those lines, but I want to make sure. Here's what it said: "Ollaan ihan hiljaa."

Thanks in advance!

ETA: Is there someone out there who could please translate this Polish piece for me as well? Here it is: "Jeste śmy z tobą"
Tags: finnish, polish

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