foudebassan (foudebassan) wrote in linguaphiles,

Getting Chinese characters to show on a computer screen

I have a series of CDs bought in China that are supposed to contain both mp3 recordings of short texts, and the short texts themselves. When I open the CDs, however, I am able to listen to the mp3s (and I can see their titles in Chinese characters) but when I open the files where the texts are supposed to be, I only see a series of interrogation marks on the screen. I have tried this both on a PC (Windows XP) and on a Mac (OSX).

It worked just fine on the bookshop's exhibition computer in China so I must be missing some kind of software. Would any of you know what it could be, and where I could find it?

The CDs are called "zhi hui gu shi da quan", published by, if that's any help.

Thank you in advance!

ETA: problem solved, thanks to daemon_will. The solution was to save the unreadable files as .htm files, then open them with a web browser and fiddle with the encodings. Thank you!
Tags: chinese, mandarin

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