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去哪里留学的问题 // where to study abroad!

Cross-posted to a few places, sorry if you see this multiple times!

大家好! I'm a 2nd year university student planning to do 3rd year Chinese over the summer. I applied to one program, and while I was waiting to hear back, I decided to be safe and apply to a backup program. I got into both, but now don't know which one to go to!

Please, if you have any useful advice, I'd really like to hear it! (Particularly from other students of Chinese or those who are familiar with the locations.)

Program 1: Duke Study in China (in Beijing)

Program 2: ICLP (in Taipei)

The main concerns I have are (not in any particular order):

-Which city will be better to live in?
-Living in which city will be better for my Chinese? ("Standard" Mandarin if you didn't already get that)
-Specifically which program is better if you have any knowledge of either one

The Pros and Cons I've come up with are these:

+It's Beijing!
+The Chinese they speak is probably the closest to what I speak
+Housing provided
+They probably take better care about their students because it's more of an undergraduate crowd
+Definite weekend trip to Xi'an
+My teacher really wants me to go, though that's not exactly a +
-Too loud and overcrowded, bad pollution, etc
-Not as clean or safe as Taipei

+It's Taipei!
+I have a friend that will be there and will help with the transition
+Nicer facilities, streets, people, cleaner food, safer...
+More independence as this is usually for grad students of a higher level
+Exposure to traditional characters without too much pressure
-Use of traditional characters when I only know simplified (I guess around 1000 to 1500)
-Can't really travel out except maybe a weekend to Hong Kong
-More expensive
-Housing not provided, so I will need to find an apartment
-The Chinese they speak will be slightly accented and strange to me, so more difficult to understand at first
-Once I've overcome that problem, I'll probably start developing a Taiwanese accent while keeping my "beijing-ish" accent, which will lead to me sounding ridiculous!

Boy that was a lot! I'm kind of aiming for Taiwan right now, but my teacher is kind of upset about that (though that doesn't really matter) because he really thinks I should do Beijing.

Thoughts? 你说吧!

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