Hysteron Proteron (tom_mouse) wrote in linguaphiles,
Hysteron Proteron

Chinese Help

There is a sizeable chinese community at my university, so much so, that in my flat in halls, i am the only non-chinese resident. So, imagine coming to my flats postbox and one of them has opened a birthday present from one of my friends (coming from amazon in gift wrap)!

I was wondering if somebody could write me a little note in Mandarin that i can put on the postbox to show my disgust. I know its pointless and childish, but it would make me feel much better. Perhaps something along the lines of: "One of you opened a present for me - that was very bad of you. You should show more respect for your neighbours"

Or anything else you think would be suitable. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. :)

PS: Just characters is fine thanks :)

EDIT: It doesn't matter anymore. Thanks anyway.

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