Josie (brkdowninflames) wrote in linguaphiles,

Portuguese Notes (new community)

[Moderators, if this is an inappropriate post, please let me know and/or delete it.]

Hello everyone! I would like to announce the existence of yet another Portuguese-related community.

Basically, this new community is a revival from my former community called "Portuguese Notebook" that was last used in 2006 (and therefore deleted). It is simply a virtual ‘notebook’ where I make posts about Portuguese words and phrases that I learn at work with my Brazilian coworkers. I created it in the form of a community so that others may also share their knowledge of the language as they learn it, and so that we may have a ‘central’ location to refer to all of our notes.

What is welcome: refreshers, new words or phrases, slang terms, questions, comparisons, grammar rules, and epiphanies of all sorts.

Check it out here: portuguesenotes

Tags: portuguese

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