dontsaynothin. (upupabove) wrote in linguaphiles,

italian song


so, i've been attempting to translate the song "qualcosa che non c'è" by elisa. generally i try to learn (and understand) a couple of italian songs each month, because it helps me immensely with vocabulary. so ..i think i've gotten the bulk of the song pretty much correctly translated, but there are a couple parts that sound awkward in my attempted translation, so i was wondering how any of the italian speakers here would translate them. here are the parts:

"non ho molto tempo dopo quando mi bastava"

"e miracolosamente non riesco a non sperare
e se c'è un segreto
è fare tutto come se
vedessi solo il sole"

thanks for any help you can give!

oh, and since i'm on the topic of italian songs - any good ones you guys would recommend?

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