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hey. is it possible to do some kind of a phonetics study on beatboxing? what are the implications of this? for those who don't know what beatboxing is, here are three decent examples (though i've heard better): - best example, beginning is in french

sorry for no-formatting, this is just a quick post of a thought i had.

i must remember that google is my friend. a quick search turned this up:

its a pretty interesting article. page 4 on part 1 answered my question adequately. i am still looking forward to reading your opinions on this, particularly opinions from those linguists with phonetic training and/or professional phoneticians in light of the fact that at my level of training, i can't gauge the extensiveness and validity of this paper.

thank you very much.

for those of you who are interested in one final video, this is the best example of phonetic complexity found in beatboxing:

it's boring until around 1 minute when everything prior to it is integrated simultaneously into one song. its RIDICULOUSLY amazing, i assure you all, you will be dumbfounded. if you skipped all the above videos due to lack of interest, at the very least, listen to this last one.

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