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Hi there!

I have a question involving a short translation into Swedish and Norwegian. The passage is from a slash fanfiction (just some love talk) and it had the author and me talking about the language aspect. What I basically need now is a translation of this passage both into Norwegian and into Swedish. The spoken lines are enough, what they say is important. I'd be very glad if there'd be some swedish and norwegian people willing to do this.

Skwisgaar shifted into Norwegian, a language he spoke as well as his native Swedish, not wishing to struggle to make himself understood, and not especially wanting other people to eavesdrop.

“Because I don’t know how to be with another person. And… I had no idea how you would react. It just seemed easier to keep you at arm’s length.”

Toki understood that implicitly. His own childhood had taught him little about how to love, and be loved. Skwisgaar was a slut because that was how he saw people interact. Toki hid in his world of childish things because every time he had shown the remotest interest in adulthood he had been beaten for thinking “filthy thoughts”. Toki lowered his head, letting his hair fall over his face.

“I don’t want to be kept at arm’s length. But… frankly I don’t want to be nine hundred and eighty on a list of ten thousand, either.”

Thanks in advance.

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