Parker Glynn-Adey (pgadey) wrote in linguaphiles,
Parker Glynn-Adey

Starting a Language Study Group?


I am trying to organize a summer long study group to get ready (and render easy) a class which a large chunk of my friends will be taking next summer. I'm looking for resources for people starting up this kind of group. So far, I think of this as an extra studious book club. So far we're planning to meet twice a week, to help each other out with homework, and discuss the readings. We'd like to watch movies dubbed in our target language* and try to find some original music to listen to. Also, we have a couple people native in the target language which we can consult on pronunciation, but who can't necessarily come out twice a week to tutor us all. I'm interested in using only free grammatical resources, and texts for the class, since we're all cheap students. This means there is going to be a lot of trips to the library, and what not. There are going to be about eight learners involved.

So some questions:

- Do you know of any resources for this kind of study group?

- Have you ever participated in anything like this?

- How did it go?

-If you were involved in something like this, what would you want to do? How would you want to run things?

Edit Just to clarify the first sentence, we're all meeting during the summer before the class starts, to get some elementary verb paradigms learned, etc.

( * I've specifically avoided mentioning that we're trying to learn German just so that this isn't specifically directed towards the German speakers out there. )

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