~M (lollipop_melon) wrote in linguaphiles,

'In' vs. 'Within'

Hello all! I am currently tutoring a few ESL (and higher) students. A question one of them brought to me (as I know they encounter strange things and don't always know what's up and it starts off our mini-lesson with things they know are applicable!) a question I'm stumped with.
So, I turn to you, trusted wise ones! ^^
How can I best explain the difference between 'in' and 'within'??
I quickly came up with a few contrasting examples, such as "I'll see you in an hour," vs. "I'll see you within an hour," meaning that 1)it'll be just exactly an hour until I see you and 2) that I'll see you no later than one hour and most likely before one hour passes.
But there are also instances that don't involve time - "Confidence comes from within." This contrasts with another preposition all together (more like location... but I can also say "what's in here?" which is also spatial... so??????????????????????????????)

Any help!?
Thanks in advance!! ^_^

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