Hysteron Proteron (tom_mouse) wrote in linguaphiles,
Hysteron Proteron

Europaio (sp?) - Proto-Indoeuropean

In my university libraries EU section, (lol) I was reading some random social scientist and his economist friends talk about the unification of Europe into a structure similar to that of the US, and tied in with it was talk of this language I think was called Europaio or something. (Sorry). Now I'm not trying to discuss the ramifications of such a unification - frankly, the article spoke of such an event happening anything from 100 to a 150 years from now. However, it mentioned that there was already talk over introducing this language, that was a reconstructed version of proto-indoeuropean - because the linguistic wealth of Europe was beginning to be quite cumbersome, and apparently was dampening internation relations between EU member states. 

What the hell? Surely the linguistic wealth of Europe should be celebrated, not quashed. Aren't the only other places on Earth with a greater language density the Indian subcontinent and Papua New Guinea? I realise I've not written this article very well, I apologise. I'll try and find a link to that article too.

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