Krystaline Faithe (popstarjunkie) wrote in linguaphiles,
Krystaline Faithe

Please, please help.

I've been lurking in this community for a while because I knew I would eventually need to post something like this. I have a poem due tomorrow and I was hoping someone here would be able to give it a quick once-over and point out any technical mistakes I may have made. The assignment, specifically, was to write a poem in Spanish that used at least three verbs in the conditional tense. Thanks a ton in advance!


One, two, three (or four,
If one would include the cat)-
They would follow me anywhere
If I would allow them to do that.

And I know I would not like it
If he or she would follow me,
But I know that the trouble would be worth it
If I let them.


Uno, dos, tres (o cuatro,
Si incluiría el gato)-
Ellos me seguirían dondequiera
Si permitiría que ellos hagan eso.

Y yo sé no lo querría
Si él ni ella me seguirían,
Pero sé que valdría la pena
Si yo los permití.
Tags: spanish, translation

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