Lux Ion (imluxionverdin) wrote in linguaphiles,
Lux Ion

The Pope's "urbi et orbi" message

This is a language-related news item which crops up each year, and which I find interesting. The Pope gave his Easter message for 2008 recently. To quote from one of the many online news items, Following the "urbi et orbi" message, the pope offered Easter greetings in 63 languages to the tens of thousands of pilgrims in St Peter's Square and millions of viewers in 67 countries around the world.

I often wonder how the list is chosen. Yes, the first 20 or so must include the major languages, English, Russian, Japanese, etc. By the time you get to the 60th, it must be a hard choice to decide which are the most important remaining languages to finish off the list. I'm sure when they stopped at number 63, there would be many people who would say, but if you included THAT language why didn't you include THAT one?

Maybe it's not the 63 most important languages as far as the Vatican is concerned, but maybe they also look at WHICH COUNTRIES the message is broadcast live in?

What I'd love to be able to find is a list of which languages were used, and to see if they've added or dropped any over the years.

(Am I sad to find this interesting?)

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