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Hate to beat a dead horse...

I'd like to know your experiences/opinions of formally studying (as in taking a course, preferably at a university/college level) 3+ languages. It would also help to know which specific languages and how long you have been studying them.

French - 4 years, Italian 1 1/2 years, Japanese - going on a year. My main focus is French and other others are mostly for my own sick enjoyment. I really would love to take a year of Russian before I go to grad school, which means I have to start it in the fall. I'm having a heart-attack trying to figure out of I should switch Japanese for Russian or stab myself and take them all (three at once is fine, but I'm not really sure how I feel about 4). Next semester will be my last of Italian and I'm finished with French grammar courses.

I'm leaning more towards just 3 languages, but the possibility of taking 4 intrigues me and I'm curious as to what other people (who actually care about languages) think about this.

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