queerasmoi (queerasmoi) wrote in linguaphiles,

As a followup to my Korean soup post (it was excellent soup, and thank you for helping to translate the instructions), I thought it might be fun to examine a mandatory French label that was posted on a package of Korean dumplings.  The English translation was fine, but the French is just beyond belief.  I especially like step 2, "à la chaleur moyenne pendant approximativement 2 à 3 minutes jusqu'à ce que le brun", which has no verb at all.  Also, "trans fat" is rendered as "graisse de transpor" (?) on the nutrition label, and "carbohydrates" as "hydrates de carbone" (apparently the latter really is correct although it has fallen into disuse).  Finally, another winner is "a donné à la protéine végétale"  for "textured vegetable protein".

Any idea what sort of translation process would lead to something this lousy?   Machine? Using an intermediate or auxiliary language first?

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