Larisa, mostly known as Ris (abeautifulnever) wrote in linguaphiles,
Larisa, mostly known as Ris

a strange request

Hi! I have a unique problem: I live in Brooklyn, on the 1st floor of a building that shares a courtyard with a building of Hasidic Jewish families. We have two cats that like to sit on the windowsills, but the kids who play in the courtyard have started throwing things at our windows! Everything from hunks of bread (harmless) to rocks and chunks of asphalt (not so harmless).

We've tried complaining to our super, their super, et. al, and have posted "No throwing things at the windows" signs in English, but I want to, um, communicate with them in their language, which leads to my question:

How would one say "Please do not throw things at the cats in the windows." in yiddish (or hebrew? excuse my ignorance.)


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