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Japanese and nervosity do not a good match make

Hi everyone! My name is Maxime and I've been enjoying the posts in this community very much. I'm a first-year student of Japanese at the University of Leuven in Belgium.

I have a rather demanding woman teaching the conversation classes, and for tomorrow I had to write a short oral presentation on a landmark of my choice, or something approaching the general intent behind the example text.

I've written this while sick, with slightly shaky vision even now, and I really do not trust my judgment on this at all. I'm very nervous for tomorrow, and I was wondering if someone could proofread it.

It's very short, not even a page long, and is very simple seeing as how this is a second semester level of Japanese. It's about two landmarks in Antwerp.

マクシムです。今日はアントウェルペンの古い建物について話したいと思います。まずアントウェルペンについてせつめいしたいんです。アントウェルペンと言う町はリュヴァンより大きくて人は多いです。たくさん古い建物があります。たとえば、スヘルデと言うアントウェルペンに通る川のそばに、古いお城があります。Het Steenと言うお城です。たてられてから800年ぐらいもたっています。いまはくぶつかんですがむかしはけいむしょでした。



There are a few things I'm very uncertain about. Especially the part where I attempt to say 'by the side of the river that runs through Antwerp called the Schelde'.

I would be very grateful if someone could just point out the ridiculous things because I'm currently very close to wetting myself in fear.

Thank you!
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