big al (gendertrouble) wrote in linguaphiles,
big al

is this a glottal stop?

you know how in english people will change 'want to' into 'wanna'? is there a word for that? my mom said it's a glottal stop, but i thought a glottal stop was more of a soundless pause. i've realized that i (and possibly other new yorkers) do this with the t in other words, like winter (winner). i actually feel like there's a really faint 'd' sound, but i asked my boyfriend if he knew which i was saying, out of context (winter or winner) and he heard winner both times.

i'm just curious. also i was wondering if this was part of a standard new york dialect or not. another thing i noticed i and other people around me sometimes do is say 'a' instead of 'an' as in, is that a airplane? the 'a' being pronounced 'uh'. but i figure that might just be an issue of speaking faster than i can think.


eta: i understand now leaving out the t in winter isn't a glottal stop (mom's don't know everything!). i'm gonna look up nasalization now.

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