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Ok, let's try this again :)

I'm trying to translate a description of a playground. Could someone tell me how to say the following in Spanish? ¡Muchas gracias a todo el mundo!

monkey bars
even bars
uneven bars
jungle gym

*EDIT: Since there's been some confusion, foursquare is a game we played in elementary school. There are 4 squares (hence the name) drawn on the ground in a 2-by-2 grid. 4 people stand in the different squares. You take a dodgeball and bounce it in somebody else's square, usually just inside the box so it'll go farther. When the dodgeball bounces away, the person whose box it is has to bring the dodgeball back before a count of 5 (or was it 10? I haven't played in ages!) If the person succeeds, the person who threw the ball is out. If they don't, the person whose square it was is out. The next kid in line takes over the square of whoever was out.

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