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I have a question:
In my A-level French class we've been told that the French laïque/laïcité translates to secular/secularism. Do the French words have the same implications as the English words?
We're studying religion in French schools in class at the moment, and the points I'm mostly trying to make in discussions rely on the word being open to interpretation. I would say you could define a "secular" organization either as one where the organization has no specific religious character but the people within it are free to show their religions or as one where no-one connected to the organization shows any religious affiliation. I was wondering a. whether people agree with me on those interpretations and b. whether the French words have the same meanings. Jaques Chirac on religious symbols in schools certainly seemed to be using the second interpretation, but I'd like to know if the first interpretation also makes sense.
Tags: french, translation

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