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A welcoming post and request

Hello, all—

Language-wise, my native language is English [the American sort], I studied Spanish for a while, and French for a while longer. I'm looking to expand my linguistic horizons a bit by trying to teach myself [initially, at least] Italian, Finnish, and Turkish. The Italian isn't much of an issue because it's grammatically and phonetically very similar to the other Romance languages, but I'm hoping for some help with the other two, Finnish in particular—it works better in my head if I'm only trying to do one really new thing at a time.

Thus far, I've found an LJ community [finish_finnish] and a fantastic Finnish grammar [Finnish: An Essential Grammar by Fred Karlsson] that have been really helpful, along with a series of videos on YouTube that are excellent for pronunciation purposes. Are there any other recommendations that you would have for either further studies in Finnish or for similar things in Turkish? I'm not particularly fond of the "Language X in Amount of Time" or "Teach Yourself This" books because I like to learn the grammatical structure first and then gain vocabulary.

Thanks much!
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