Christian Velásquez Pañganiban (tisoi) wrote in linguaphiles,
Christian Velásquez Pañganiban

Ge'ez script help

Hey guys ~ anyone familiar with Amharic out there?

I'm trying to get the name of the bishop of the Ethipian Catholic Church, Berhaneyesus Surafiel, in Ge'ez script.

I believe I found it in this PDF file in Amharic. It looks like it's on the third line.

The trouble is, I want to put it in a word file, but I'm unable to copy and paste it. So I tried comparing the fonts. I'm not familiar with Ge'ez at all, and so I'm having a hard time.

By using this Wikipedia article and Unipad, I managed to come up with

ብርሃንየሱስ ሱራፊል

Is this correct? I don't think it is.


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