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Kanji for the name "Makube Rokuro"?

Hi! I was hoping you guys could help me with a name... copypasted from my question at Yahoo Answers:

I'm writing a fancomic featuring Osamu Tezuka's character "Makube Rokuro" and I'm wondering if there's a proper kanji for his name. I know his name is normally written in Katakana (A merger of Macbeth, Rock, and Kuro) but I want to know if Tezuka ever used actual kanji to spell it out. The comic is in English, but there's a scene where he writes his name down and I'd like to try and be accurate.

If there isn't a proper kanji, would it be all right to search for kanji to use? I'm thinking about using the kanji 巻辺 for "Makube". Does it look all right, or is it too strange?

As for the name Rokuro, I definitely want to use the symbol
黑 (kuro)... is there a kanji reading "ro" that I can use in front of it?

Or should I throw out my ridiculous ideas for kanji and just use kana?

EDIT: Okay, someone told me his canon kanji name was 間久部緑郎, but he doesn't usually write it that way. That's probably what I'm going to use now, but out of curiosity, would 巻辺 have still worked as a name?

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