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Language learning

This is in the wikipedia entry for István Dabi. I found it interesting.

"His language learning method
He chooses 1000–1500 basic words (from the topics of family, work, everyday life etc.) and learns them along with the most important grammar (declension, conjugation, pronouns and word order).

He starts reading fairly easy texts with a dictionary, in accordance with his interests. (The texts may be newspaper articles, specialized texts or whatever else.)

For some people it is needed to write out and keep repeating the unknown words; for others, it is enough to read them. His experience is that it is much easier to learn new words by means of conclusion (inference), i.e. through their context.

If possible, he starts correspondence with people, possibly those with the same job and interests, whose native tongue is the one he is studying. (It is important so as to avoid taking over mistakes from anyone who only learnt it.)

He starts listening to foreign language radio broadcast, even if one initially doesn't understand practically anything, since one will gradually get used to the sounding of the foreign language.

He considers it essential to deal with the language every day at least 15–20 minutes. (If it seems impossible, one should first learn how to budget one's time.)"

Does anyone else use this method, more or less? Is there any other way you prefer doing it?
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