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To my Spanish helpers...

I think the first part of my translation (Spanish --> English) is okay, but my legal vocabulary in Spanish is practically non-existent, and as far as I can tell I did not translate "configuran los ilícitos penales" correctly...though I'm kind of confused, because it seems like either ilícitos or penales is being used as a noun, even though both are adjectives...? Also, how do you translate "configuran" correctly in this case? It seems like "configure" doesn't really make sense in English given the context? Suggestions on the rest of my translation are of course also appreciated :)

“Una de las prácticas que mayor conflicto genera es el matrimonio a prueba o “servinakuy”, . . . la forma común para ello es “raptar a la mujer” obviamente con la participación disimulada de la familia; pero estas
conductas en el derecho formal, configuran los ilícitos penales tipificados y sancionados
en el Código Penal vigente como ‘estupro, seducción, secuestro, violación de la libertad

"One of the practices that generates the greatest conflict is the trial marriage or ‘sirvinakuy,’ . . . the common form of it is “to kidnap the woman,” obviously with the secret participation of the family; but this type of conduct represents unlawful acts categorized and sanctioned by the current Penal Code as ‘statutory rape, seduction, kidnapping, and violation of sexual liberty.”

Thanks all! I'm starting to feel like I might need to add linguaphiles-citations to my BA soon, haha...
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