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Lux Ion

Person who does not speak French, stops at France.

I saw this posted in another LJ community, where they are having lots of fun discussing this individual. As it's language related, I thought it might be of interest here.

In summary this person decided to walk from England to India with no money, relying on people giving him free food and accomodation. He got stuck in Calais, because he couldn't speak French.

He's come back to the UK and is walking around the coast (presumably while still scrounging for free meals and accomodation). He says, "Whilst walking in the UK, I intend to learn French and to hit the continent again as soon as we feel we are ready."

The joke in the other community is that once he learns French, will he get stuck at the German border?

From the language point of view it seems incredibly arrogant, to the point of stupidity, to expect to be able to ask for free food and help from people when you don't even speak the language.

(This has been done before. I know some American was travelling around Australia with no money and using a website and blog, where effectively the payment for putting him up for the night was that he'd mention the people on his blog. However at least he went to an English speaking country.)
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